State of Disconnect

Convince people through a series of brainwashing techniques (to cleanse the heart of) that a woman's freedom or life is more valuable than a child's right to live. That a woman can tell a child he/she needs to die since birth. That she/doctors have authority over God & his miracles.

Convince people through a series of lies that homosexual/transexual acts are not the direct cause of acting from either trauma or temptation.

Blindly encourage confused children into another sexuality and/or gender because we live in an equally brainwashed and morally confused adult world that now sexualizes children. We divide the "cause" by "gender" being disconnected from "sexuality" in order to cause people both big and small into a state of disassociation when in reality the two work alongside eachother, hand in hand.

Therefore, this group of brainwashed adults who now sexualize children, even confusing them into an entirely different gender, who also demoralize their worth in society through the act of birth control* and abortions, are now starting to believe the acts of pedophilia are behaviors of a result since birth, having 'no choice' or 'being born this way'. Since we've now successfully minimized the value of a more innocent human life, society is now starting to see this act of grotesque abuse as 'natural' - coupled with acts of homosexuality being accepted the same way.

It's not enough we knew in our heart the act of homosexuality was wrong - we suddenly had to come up with reasons. And when God wasn't enough, or our heart alone wasn't enough - they brainwashed us into believing lies. The same thing now is happening with pedophilia and it's only going to get worse.

They've deceived the world into believing God makes mistakes. They dismantled us first by using comedy in media as it pertains to anything scriptural or godly. I was deceived once too - for a long time until God worked on me AND I was willing enough to search for the answers myself.

Don't be fooled anymore. Wake up, and get in touch with your soul. Know the truth deep down inside. And don't be afraid to ask God. But you have to be willing to be quiet and listen.

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* All forms of birth control (especially the Morning After Pill/Day After Pill) are all abortifacients (cause abortions), including the morning after pill - click here to read more.

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